Amazing People: This Vegan Café Gives Free Christmas Dinner to those in Need; but, They Need YOUR Help

The staff at a recently-opened vegan restaurant called Viridian in Bangor will be offering free food for the homeless people and the less well-off families on Christmas day.

They will step away from their usual menu on this day and instead prepare a traditional festive feast with all the trimmings included, but minus the turkey.

However, the owners and staff need our help to make this day more memorable and more meaningful.

Why Does these Vegan Café Need Our Help for Free Christmas Dinner?

According to the sous chef, Daniel Baker, the staff will be cooking and serving the vegan meals, but they hope that some people would also come as volunteers for entertainment!

They’re looking for local musicians, comedians or any other types of entertainers that will contribute to the Christmas atmosphere and make it more than merely a charity dinner.

The 27-year-old Baker explains that when their restaurant opened up only two weeks ago on Bangor High Street, the staff decided to do something good for their community.

This idea seemed like the ideal way to give back after they discovered that a large part of the community and the surrounding areas are using foodbanks.

Baker explains that people will be able to come, sit down and enjoy a tasty meal without feeling guilty or worried about how much it will cost. ‘Please, come and have a good day’, says Baker.

The owners are also negotiating with the organizers of the Bangor shoe box appeal to ensure there are gifts for the children under the Christmas tree that will be set in the café. However, donations are also welcomed.

If you want to donate or volunteer, please, get in touch with the café through their social media or through their email

Or, just visit the café in person and talk about your contribution to this amazing idea!