Barking Hero Dog Saves Family Of Five From House Fire

A family from Georgia credits their dog for saving them from an overnight fire which extensively damaged their house.

The dog’s consistent and loud barking alerted the sleeping family of five that there’s a raging fire in rear of their two-story house, around 1am.

The five residents escaped safely after their pet, a dog named Sammy, alerted them about the fire, explain the Savannah Fire Rescue squad that was battling the fire at the scene.

Dog Hero Saves Family from House Fire

A photo shared on the department’s social media showed the hero dog seating in the back of a pickup truck while the firefighters were seen extinguishing the heavy smoke and flames coming from the back of the house.

One user wrote in the comment section that the look on the dog’s face says it all and sent prayers to the firefighters and the family.

The fire was so strong it extended to an apartment at the rear of the property. Even though the people and the dog are ok, other three pets, a dog and two cats, weren’t as lucky.

The firefighters did everything they could, but they couldn’t revive them.

According to fire investigators, the fire was probably caused by a deep freezer located in the rear of the home.

This is why the department Savannah Fire advises all residents to install smoke alarms on each level of our homes and also, test them on a regular basis.





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