Dog Accidentally Starts a Fire by Turning on the Microwave

A dog from the breed Husky has inadvertently sparked a fire in his home in the UK when it turned on the microwave which contained several buns, reported the firefighters who were called on the scene by the owner of the dog.

The husky, which was left at home alone, managed to reach up the kitchen counter and turn on the microwave. However, the buns that were inside the microwave started to burn.

The dog owner living in Stanford-Le-Hope was at work at that moment; however; he saw the smoke when he checked his home camera feed on his phone.

He immediately called the emergency services who responded at the scene as soon as they could.

Dog Causes a Fire when He Turns on the Microwave

According to the Watch Manager at the Corringham Fire Station in Stanford-Le-Hope in Essex, this was a quite strange incident with a man’s dog; however, it could’ve been much more severe.

The firefighters explained that the fire was contained within the microwave; but, unfortunately, the kitchen was quite damaged from the smoke. Luckily, the dog wasn’t harmed.

The firefighters made sure that the damage doesn’t spread further than the kitchen. They emphasize that this is why microwaves shouldn’t be used for food storing when they’re not used.

The microwaves we have at home should be kept clean and free of food or packages. This is because children or pets could turn them on much easier than we may think.