Don’t Fear Comforting Your Baby: Research Says, a Baby Can’t Be Spoiled

If you’ve recently had a baby, at a specific point, a grandma or a random stranger has probably served you up with a usually unsolicited advice that ‘you’re going to spoil your baby’ if you’re constantly comforting it when it’s crying.

These people will also give you their opinions about all the ‘dangers’ that can be caused if you’re holding your baby a bit too much. However, according to Circle of Moms, a baby can’t be spoiled and comforting our babies is pivotal for their proper development.

Babies Need Comforting for Healthy Growth

According to Lisa M. human babies are very vulnerable and biologically-programmed to need a constant mother contact. Basically, they feel all wrong and odd when they’re not carried. Moreover, feeding them and changing their diapers won’t suffice.

The baby needs to be held and even if they don’t demand it that often, they still need it. Human contact is pivotal for brain development and cognitive and emotional capacity.

Responding to our babies as often as possible will also contribute to independence; consider most members of Circle Moms.

They don’t believe a baby can be spoiled and emphasize that babies need their mommies to soothe and comfort them. What’s more, studies indicate that babies who’re not left to cry are more independent later on due to feeling securer.

According to these mothers, holding our babies and cuddling them is as basic as feeding them and changing their diapers and clothes.

Babies Don’t Cry without a Reason

According to a research conducted by Darcia Narvaez, a Notre Dame psychologist, children grow into healthy and happy adults when their parents are sensitive, affectionate, and playful towards them since birth.

A mother should never ever feel wrong for wanting to offer their babies comfort and part of it is our instinct telling us to hold our children close and help them feel less stressed.

Why Babies Need their Mommies

The baby has spent 9 months inside of you hearing your heartbeat and feeling all cozy and warm. It must be scary for them to suddenly change their environment and being placed in a crib alone, without hearing your heartbeat and a warm cuddly place where they can hear your voice.

Therefore, the next time you hear that you’re comforting your baby too much and spoiling it, don’t mind these remarks. Explain that you’re the baby’s mother and your ‘job’ is to be there for the baby and enable him/her to grow into a healthy individual.

You’re the key to his confidence and the biggest support and nourishment which begins at the moment the baby comes out of your womb!





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