Ladies, Would You Say Yes? – This Man Proposed to His Girlfriend with Chicken McNuggets

Without doubt, some men spend weeks and weeks on planning how they’ll propose to their girlfriends; however, this guy had no time to waste- he came up with a proposal plan in 20 minutes and needed only a box of McNuggets.

This story became known to the public when the woman who was proposed to with the nuggets shared her proposal story in a Facebook group intended for sharing weird proposals.

However, the woman seemed to be quite proud of her husband’s proposal. If you want to learn how her husband proposed to her, continue reading the article.

Husband Proposes on a Whim with a Box of Chicken McNuggets

When she shared her story, people didn’t think it was ‘a lame’ one; on the contrary, they actually thought it was unique!

The woman began her post by writing that she’s laughed at so many proposals shared in the group and that it’s high time she gave back. So, she shared her chicken nugget proposal story.

Namely, her husband decided all of a sudden that he wanted to give her a ring and propose to her.

So, he went out while she was napping.

He went to Walmart first and then to McDonald’s. He was talking on the phone with his soon-to-be-wife’s best friend to help him out pick the best ring for her.

When he came home, he woke her up; and, the woman was still sleepy; however, she was hungry so she couldn’t say not to the nugs he brought.

When she opened the box with the nuggets, she saw a black box inside and wondered what kind of sauce is this.

She opened it up and saw the engagement ring. The rest is history.

How Did Her Husband Come Up with this Weird, but Funny Proposal?

Instead of wasting time, walking through jewelries and coming up with the ideal proposal plan, this impulsive man went to Walmart and bought a ring for his girlfriend in less than an hour.

He decided to place the ring box in a box of chicken McNuggets because he knew how much his girlfriend enjoyed eating them.

So, there you go, guys- if you’re looking for a way to propose to your girlfriend, she will definitely love something like this if she’s a nugget fan!





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