Married Couple And Their Son Are All Battling Cancer – They Are Selling Their Restaurant To Pay For Medical Bills

A married couple living in Florida and their seventeen year old son are fighting various types of cancer.

5 years ago, Kathy Desclefs, the wife and mother of the boy, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer which begins in the white blood cells.

In August this year, Benoit, her husband, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. And, to make things worse, two months ago, their teen son Luke, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s’ lymphoma.

The family has been running a French American restaurant for 16 years; however, they’ll probably need to sell it to pay for their treatments.

Sad Life: Whole Family Is Battling Cancer

The mother stated that it all became too much, particularly when their son was diagnosed with cancer too. The mother-of-four has been in and out of therapy since being diagnosed with cancer back in 2014.

Her son, a senior at Bishop Snyder High School, said he had no symptoms when he was diagnosed with the cancer. He noticed a lump on his neck and found it weird so he told his mom.

However, though the mother’s and son’s cancers have similar names, they’re different. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is often diagnosed at an early stage and considered more treatable whereas non-Hodgkin’s is diagnosed at a later stage and more difficult for treatment.

Benoit says that being diagnosed with an inoperable cancer on the brain this summer is very hard, both emotionally and physically, but prayers help them keep going. He will begin chemo this month whereas the son is already getting treated.

Benoit, sadly, has been ‘given’ 12 years of life by his doctors, whereas Luke, if he responds well to the therapy, may get well soon.

Family may Sell Family-Owned Restaurant to Pay for Therapy

The Desclefs have been having a difficult time balancing their treatments and running their family-owned restaurant, the Magnificat Café.

Benoit opened up the restaurant, where he’s the chef, 16 years ago and the whole family helps and works there. Now, they’ve hired more help because they spend a lot of time in the hospital.

They may need to sell it too and hope that the next owner will continue with the restaurant work and allow the family to work there.

The family have a fundraising page to help pay for their medical bills. If you want to donate, please visit this link.





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