Popular Model Bella Hadid Vows Planting Trees to Reduce Carbon Footprint because of Her Travels

Bella Hadid wrote in a sincere Instagram post that she’ll start planting trees to offset her carbon footprint.

She has donated 600 trees for planting, 20 for every flight she took in the past 3 months and will most probably continue for the rest of the year.

She feels sad that her job impacts her carbon footprint and about the brutal effects that climate change has caused in our world.

Hadid also shared an illustration of a woman sitting cross legged and covered in flora, probably a representation of Mother Nature, as well as an abundance of screenshots of info about the necessity of trees in the rainforest of the Amazon and forests of California.

Bella Hadid Is One of those Popular People Who Wants to Make a Change

Hadid also shared a screenshot of her OneTreePlanted cart that shows she’s paid for the planting of 280 trees in California and 320 in the Amazon.

This is a non-profit organization which plants trees in North and Latin America, Asia, and Africa. They refer to themselves as an environmental charity and advertise a cost of a dollar per tree.

Why Is Flying Bad for Our Environment?

Plane flying is bad for planet earth and reducing down one or two flights per year may help lower an individual’s carbon footprint from 10 to 20 percent. This is because flying requires a lot of energy and therefore, causes a huge release of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

This huge amount happens so that there’s a sufficient thrust that will push the 130,000 pound airplane, 35,000 feet above earth and keep it there for several hours and then bring it down safely. This also requires a lot of jet fuel.

The average per capita carbon emission for the Americas is around 16 metric tons, according to Stefan Gossling, a professor of economics at Linnaeus University in Sweden and co-editor of the book Climate Change and Aviation: Issues, Challenges, and Solutions.

In her Instagram post, Hadid claims that nature needs love and asked for her followers for advice on what other areas she should also donate trees to.

Backlash of Popular People for Using Planes

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan received a lot of backlash in British media for travelling with a private jet.

Their choice to use private jets for getaways has made them hypocritical in a way, claim some environmentalists, due to their constant support for environmental problems and campaigning against climate change.

The stellar Hollywood actor and environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio was also criticized back in 2016 because of using a private jet to attend an event where he received an environmental award.





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