Reebok Launches Running Shoes Made from Algae & Eucalyptus Tree

Reebok has announced the launch of a plant-based performance shoe named the Forever Floatride GROW and this is one of the biggest innovations in sustainable footwear.

After the brand’s vegan Cotton + Corn collection that was launched this summer, this new shoe will replace traditional materials used in running shoe manufacture with natural ones, including algae, eucalyptus tree, natural rubber, and castor bean oil.

These sneakers are rendered in a neutral color palette and are made of a white knit upper.

Amazing, Plant-Based Sneakers by Reebok

The signature stripes of Reebok in beige adorn the lateral whereas a Reebok-branded tab in mustard brown can be seen on the tongue. It offers a white midsole with a gum rubber outsole.

The beige laces are an excellent finish of the shoe.

The VP of Reebok Future, Bill McInnis, said about this particular shoe and Reebok’s sustainable efforts that they’re trying to replace oil-based plastics with plants.

He explains that the major challenge in making this shoe was developing and finding the appropriate plant-based materials which could meet the needs of runners.

The company spent three years working on this product and they were aware of the idea of plant-based running shoes resonating strongly with serious runners. However, this doesn’t mean that they would compromise on performance.

The result of these needs helped create the Forever Floatride GROW running shoe.  This plant-based shoe is expected to be available in stores in the fall of 2020.

The Growing Need for Sustainable Footwear

Without doubt, fashion is a major polluter of our environment and most traditional shoes are made of plastics and petroleum-based ingredients.

But, more and more brands are realizing the need and demand for sustainable footwear and many of them are launching their own sustainable footwear and apparel.  

Adidas has sneakers made from plastic waste in oceans, Nike is working on developing a sustainable sneaker line and Kanye’s Yeezy sneakers are made of algae.

Fashion powerhouses like Macy’s and Prada are moving away from fur and creating cruelty-free leather.