Rescue Dog Can’t Contain Joy when She Gets Adopted after 500 Days in a Shelter

A video of a rescue dog being given a goodbye celebration because she got adopted after spending 500 days in their shelter went viral quickly and people can’t get enough of it.

The long stay in the Niagara SPCA animal shelter in Niagara Falls, NY caused the 6-year-old dog named Bonita to get overexcited.

Her excitement was caught on camera as she was proudly walking with her new parents. She was jumping up and down for kisses and hugs on the workers from the shelter.

She was apparently more than thrilled to have a home where she will be loved.

Dog Gets Best Goodbye Celebration

The workers from the shelter were all standing in front of the building and were throwing confetti while Bonita was being led off by her adoptive parents.

Some could be seen acting emotionally as they watched the 6-year-old pooch leave.

Bonita came to their shelter in 2018 and couldn’t find a home until now. By the time she met her new owners, she was the longest standing animal in their shelter.

But, we have no clue why this was so- she’s so beautiful and cute. And, the internet has also enjoyed her adoption as much as Bonita did.

After her new owner Ray Kinz shared the video on social media, over 2 million people have seen it and have also celebrated together with Bonita.

Why Did Ray Decide to Adopt Bonita?

When asked about what attracted him in the brown and white dog, Ray said that when he came to the shelter, he asked about the dog that’s been there the longest and the dog which is the oldest.

Bonita was both.

He claims he knew Bonita was the one when he first saw her- she showed him nothing but love.

He says that she’s the most loving and caring dog one could ask for and despite her age, she can act like a 2-year-old and she’s all energetic and cuddly.

Ray notes that these days with his new dog were the most amazing ones in his life and he’s grateful for this pooch.

Boys and girls, we’re not crying- you are!

If you haven’t already seen the emotional video from the dog leaving the animal shelter where she spent 500 days, check it out below:





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