This Woman Who Lost Her Memory Fell for Her Boyfriend Twice-She even Marries Him Twice

True love does exist, and this couple is a proof of that. This woman lost her memory because of a brain injury. After recovering, she announced that she’s engaged to the love of her life.

Amazingly, this man is the same one she married three years before the accident that changed her life.

Indeed, the love story of Laura Faganello and Brayden Faganello is similar to that from fairytales and you’ll see why…

Laura Loses Memory because of a Brain Injury

Before the accident and before they were in a relationship, the two exchanged letters as they lived far from each other. Soon enough, the met in Victoria, Canada and they also owned a photography company there.

Even though the story should’ve been great as it was, a tragedy changed everything.

In 2016, 9 months after getting married, a large pole fell on Laura while setting up for an event. Laura woke up with no recollection of her life, including Brayden, her husband, and she thought she was still 17 years old.

Because of the memory loss, Laura and Brayden’s relationship suffered.

Her Life Changed, but She Didn’t Give Up

Before the accident, Laura was a year away from getting her university degree. However, afterwards, she was struggling to read, speak, and write coherently.

The damage on her short-term memory also caused her to forget everything she read within moments. Eventually, she dropped out of school.

She was also dealing with excruciating pain for the first two years. Despite physical pain, the one that hurt the most was the loss of her memory.

She recalls waking up and screaming from fear since she has no idea who her husband was. She dreaded him coming home because she would then need to small talk with him, same as you would do with a stranger.

It Wasn’t Easy in the Beginning

After the accident, Brayden was often nervous and overwhelmed because his wife was so dependent on him, a person she didn’t remember.

But, he decided to make a change- he began acting more loving, gentle, and selfless with Laura.

He soon became her best friend and she opened up to him more and more. They would go on endless drives and talk for hours, watched movies, and laughed for hours.

Laura says that she didn’t feel she was in love with Brayden, but she definitely liked him more and more. Soon, she removed her wedding ring and said ‘I want to date you’.

Starting it all Over Again

After making the decision to begin from scratch, Laura felt more and more attracted to Brayden. He would leave her cute and loving notes on her bed table every morning and she asked him out on dates.

One day, Laura remembers missing him because they weren’t together.

The Road to Recovery

Laura needed more than two years to fully recover from the accident. Even though it changed her life, she was brave, persistent, and made the best from it.

She even fell in love with the man she was previously in love and married to. Although her memories from the relationship didn’t come back, she made sure she has new ones.

She claims that she fell in love with him again and that it was all worth it.




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