Thousands of People from Different Religions Gather to Sing One Love by Bob Marley

Back in June at the end of Ramadan last year, thousands of people, including Christians, Muslims, and Jews got together and sang Bob Marley’s anthem.

The mass singing social initiative of Israel happened at Jerusalem’s Tower of David. The stage was set up at the ancient citadel.

At midnight, people gathered to sing the iconic One Love by Bob Marley in Arabic, Hebrew, and English. The video of the thousand people singing together a magical song was eagerly awaited and viewed by a large audience.

Love & Music Knows no Religion

Koolulam, the initiative and the organizer of the event made the video of the group’s poignant voices signing a beloved tune, but with a new musical arrangement.

The event happened on the 14th of June, 2018, the last night of Ramadan. It was seen as a moment of co-existence with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders attending and calling the world to action.

The goal was to show the world that religion can be an excellent bridge to love, compassion, and tolerance.

The 800 tickets were sold within 6 minutes, believe it or not.

It was held in honor of the visit of Kyai Haji Yahya to Jerusalem. This was the secretary general of the largest Muslim organization based in Indonesia with more than 60 million members called Nahdlatul Ulama.

Bob Marley’s One Love Being Sang in 3 Languages

When it was midnight, the audience of hundreds, surrounded by the courtyards and ancient stones of the Tower of David sang the song with harmonies and in three different languages.

For founders of Koolulam, this event was the essence of Koolulam that wants to motivate and empower people through music, regardless of their religion, sex or race.

It was a dedication to a song for hope- a hope for equality, friendship, and empathy between sectors.

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out the amazing video of the unique event below:





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