Tiger Cub Rejected By Mother Finds A Best Friend In Little Puppy

Have you ever thought that a tiger and a dog can become best friends?!

Indeed, when we see this amazing friendship between this cute tiger cub and a puppy, we can confirm that friendship is limitless and knows nothing about religion, ethnicity, race or age.

Even though our differences can separate us, sometimes, they’re the things which bring us together.

This Bengal tiger cub named Hunter and the puppy Chelsea from the German Pointer breed are an amazing example of a sincere friendship.

Regardless of their differences, they get along great and are actually always together-real besties!

How Do the Tiger Cub & Puppy Become Best Friends?

Chelsea, the puppy, is only three weeks older than Hunter, the tiger cub. They’re being taken care of by a 22-year-old Anthea Michaletos who works in the Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa.

However, though life may seem all rainbows and butterflies for these two now, Hunter, the tiger cub, didn’t have a happy start of his life.

He was born at the Farm Inn Wildlife. After coming into this world, his mother began behaving aggressively towards him. So, they needed to be separated.

Anthea claims that Hunter was probably born at a period when his mommy must’ve felt compromised in a way so she ended up rejecting her baby.

The keepers needed to intervene to ensure the cub isn’t harmed.

But, sometimes, when life pulls you down, it will eventually lift you up. After a dangerous and pretty sad situation, Hunter was given a wonderful gift: the gift of friendship.

Two workers at the sanctuary where they currently reside introduced Chelsea and Hunter and since then, they’ve become inseparable.

When Anthea releases Chelsea from his cage, it immediately goes to Hunter and greets him.

Their play reminds of a wrestling match-Chelsea always pushes Hunter whereas Hunter is constantly jumping over his beloved friend.

For Now, their Friendship Is Healthy

Currently, Hunter is the sole cub in his litter so it’s good that he can learn how to communicate with other species. Anthea claims that it’s good to have a four-legged friend to have the same experience with as he would have with another member of his litter.

And, companionship is pivotal. Since both animals are still very young, they can play together. However, when Hunter reaches the age of 6 months, they will take him away from Chelsea for its protection.

This is because Hunter may put Chelsea down, particularly as Anthea has noticed that Hunter always catches the dog’s throat while they’re playing.

The positive thing for now is that Chelsea doesn’t cry when Hunter becomes a bit too rough. The dog would cry if it felt discomfort, claims Anthea.




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