Undercover Footage Shows Animal Abuse in Coca-Cola Partner Farm

Nowadays, with more and more awareness on animal welfare and animal abuse, investigations into farms are increasing in number. They’re definitely revealing horrific situations.

One such investigation that’s recently been released by the Animal Recovery Mission has shown terrible conditions for animals living in this particular farm.

This major dairy producer in the US is currently under investigation after these shocking videos were released where employees are seen seriously abusing calves.

Will Animal Abuse Finally Come to an End?

The Animal Recovery Mission took these undercover images and videos of the Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana which was described as the ‘Disneyland of agricultural tourism’ where tourists can visit their museum, restaurant, hotel, and pastures.

They claim they’re fully transparent into their daily operations on their dairy farm. However, the undercover footage shows a completely different reality.

Fair Oaks is owned by Mike McCloskey, a veterinarian, and they’re an affiliate of the Coca-Cola Company which they supply with dairy for their fairlife range.

After the release of the investigation, Coca-Cola stated that fairlife has ceased sourcing from this farm.

McCloskey claims that their workers are trained in humane animal care.

However, the investigator of ARM, who was working at the farm and feeding newborn calves through bottles and helped load calves on transport and disposed of dead ones, emphasized that the sole training they had was where to place the dead bodies.

Animal Abuse Is clearly Seen on the Footage

The investigator of ARM witnessed animal abuse only hours of starting their job. The videos show the workers pushing, slamming, and kicking the newborn calves to the ground due to refusing being fed from the artificial rubber nipple.

The calves were kept in small pens and were undernourished and under hydrated and some were dying as a result. The employees can also be seen stabbing and hitting the calves with metal bars and sitting on top of them.

The managers, workers, and foremen were also seen joking while sitting on top of the calves while the poor animals’ legs buckled due to the excessive weight.

The transport of these animals, according to ARM, was also severely violent. The videos show the workers throwing in the animals and pushing them with immense force. The animals were suffering, some were permanently injured, and some of them were dying as a result.

Unfortunately, there was no disciplinary action taken against these cruel workers, says the undercover investigator despite knowledge of abuse.

ARM Takes the Necessary Measures

ARM gave all of its evidence for review in the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff there said that his office requested full names of the individuals from the video.

He explained that they acknowledge the need for humane treatment of animals and the need to hold farm management accountable for their actions. They’ll seek the identity of the witness to these alleged crimes.

McCloskey’s response to the release of the footage was that it’s ‘shocking and eye-opening’. He stated that an investigation of the video is happening and adequate disciplinary action will be taken, including criminal prosecution and termination.

Of the five employees on the footage, four were their employees whereas one was a truck driver from a third-party collecting the calves. The owner says that it’s with great disappointment to see this.

Coca-Cola responded to the footage saying that they genuinely care about the welfare of animals and that these images left them with a heavy heart.

For them, animal abuse and cruelty is unacceptable and contrary to the company’s values. They want and expect from all of their collaborators to comply with all laws, including welfare ones.





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