A 5 Star Hotel in Abu Dhabi Gives Brunch Leftovers to Stray Dogs

Emirati chef, Jamal Al Breiki, is feeding stray animals and lowering food waste.

The 27-year-old Breiki decided to use leftovers from meals to feed stray dogs and cats. He was inspired about this move after realizing the huge amount of food being thrown away from the lavish meals.

Fairmont Bab Al Bahr was the first hotel to support this move and had a test run first. Their kitchens donated leftover food that was minced and then sent to stray animals at Cloud 9.

This is a pet hotel and vet surgery taking care for cats and dogs that live on the streets.

Feeding Stray Dogs & Cats & Reducing Food Waste

Once it started in this hotel, it immediately raised interest from other three hotels. Breiki hopes to spread this movement throughout the country and possibly, throughout the world.

Luckily, people are becoming more conscious about the immense amounts of food being leftover from meals.

According to campaign group Emirates Environmental, around Dh13 billion worth of food is being thrown away by businesses and consumers yearly.

Before sending the food to Cloud 9, the chefs and workers made sure it was free of bones and other potentially harmful ingredients for the animals.

Breiki is an animal lover himself- he has 4 rescue dogs.

5-Star Abu Dhabi Hotel Joins the Initiative

Chef J Gourmet who works in Fairmont, the 5-star hotel, is more than glad to use their leftover food in such a positive manner.

He also started the program- Doggy Bag whose goal is to collect leftovers daily and help feed the stray dogs.

He got help from his other workers and chefs and collected various food leftovers, including bread, meat, and veggies which were properly minced before distribution.

The hotel Al Wahda Grand Millennium and the hotel Crown Plaza have also joined the initiative and manage their leftovers in the same way.

We really hope that other hotels worldwide will follow suit and help lower food waste and feed the animals who need it the most.





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