A Wedding to Remember: Couple Says ‘Yes’ as the Philippines Volcano Begins to Erupt

This couple said their ‘I Do’ on Sunday, 10 miles away from the erupting volcano in the Philippines.

By that time, the ash from the eruption reached Manila and resulted in the airport closing down and more than 500 flights cancelled.

Moreover, the danger level was level 4 or ‘hazardous eruption within hours to days was possible’.

The couple’s outdoor wedding with the erupting volcano in the background was caught on camera by their wedding photographer, Randolf Evan.

The photos were sad and breathtaking in the same time.

Couple Doesn’t Know If They Can Proceed with Their Wedding

According to the photographer, they were nervous about the wedding- they were constantly checking social media for updates on the volcano.

Everyone was aware of the risk of the eruption impacting the wedding.

They also discussed among themselves what they should do if the worst happens.

The couple, Chino and Kat Vaflor celebrated their wedding day on the day of the volcano releasing ash and covering the area in volcanic dust.

Even though all wedding photos are marvelous, some leave a bigger impression than others.

Without doubt, the ones from this couple’s wedding are unforgettable as one can see the volcano’s eruption in the background.

They said ‘I do’ on January 12 at a location which is 10 miles from the volcano.

Despite the volcano, their wedding night ended peacefully.

The Taal Volcano Eruption

On Monday, hundreds of thousands of people were facing potential evacuation in the area surrounding the Filipino capital because of the Taal volcano’s erupting.

According to experts, this is just the start and added the possibility of another hazardous explosive eruption.

Until now, more than 30,000 people were evacuated. Luckily, there’ve been no casualty reports or major damage inflicted.

The airport has been partially reopened.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology claims that the activation of this volcano was sudden and began with steam, ash, and pebbles spurting up to 9 miles in the air.

The eruption happened weeks after another volcano erupted on the White Island of New Zealand that killed at least 18 individuals, a lot of them being tourists.  





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