By Order of the Peaky Fluffers: Good Dogs Pose for a Charity Calendar

Kaylee Garrick works as an ambulance technician and she’s also a huge animal lover from Scotland.

She photographed her seven Shetland sheepdogs and one Alaskan Klee Kai for a special charity calendar.

Garrick took the beautiful photos on the stunning shores of her island home and she used winter dog jumpers and autumn leaves to match the seasons.

Our favorite month is definitely the one featuring the photo of the adorable dogs in Peaky Blinders-like costumes.

Amazing Dogs Calmly Pose for Charity Calendar

According to Garrick, the calendar will help the ambulance staff and a charity that helps train dogs to be companions to war veterans.

Until now, the sales have been great, claims Garrick. The calendar has collected $2,601. She says the response was amazing and she rapidly sold out the calendars and shipped them worldwide.

The photos feature some pretty quirky ideas like the dogs wearing colored sunglasses, relaxing in a butterfly wing field or looking all tough in their Peaky Blinders suits.

The dogs even posed on the beach with some rainbow in the background!

For every month of the year, you have a beautiful group of Shetland dogs and one Alaskan Klee Kai.

Also, you have a different Shetland word for every month as a way to encourage people from all over the world to learn a bit of the ancient Norse language.

Which Are the Charities that Got the Money from the Calendar?

TASC, the Ambulance Staff Charity got half of the money.

They help anyone in the service who doesn’t want to suffer in silence and reaches out to them for help.

The other half was given to a charity called Bravehound which trains dogs to become therapy dogs and assist war veterans in their daily lives once they’re outside of the forces.

Bravehound wants to help veterans reinstate themselves in normal life by training their therapy dogs to become their lifelong companions.

Was there any Photoshop Involved?

Kaylee notes that a lot of people don’t believe her when she says the dogs actually posed the way they did and they claim all the photos have been photoshopped.

But, she says only the one where they’re jumping at a beach with a rainbow in the background is unreal. The others are genuine!

She claims that her dogs are a living proof that kindness in dog training always wins over the outdated ‘dominance theory’.

If you can’t get enough of these doggos, don’t forget to visit their Facebook page!





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