Coca Cola Doesn’t Quit Plastic Bottles because Customers Still Want them

Coca Cola won’t stop using plastic bottles as customers still want them, says the head of sustainability for the company.

According to Bea Perez, they like them because they’re lightweight and reseal.

The company is one of the biggest producers of plastic garbage and they’ve previously pledged to recycle as much as plastic bottles as they use by 2030.

However, environmental campaigners argue that a lot of its bottles are still uncollected for recycling and end up in landfills.

Is Coca Cola a Friend or Foe in the War against Plastic?

Unfortunately, drink giants make around 3 million tones of plastic packaging per year which equals to 200,000 bottles per a minute.

In 2019, Coca Cola was found to be the most polluting brand globally, according to the Break Free from Plastic charity.

However, according to Perez who spoke at the Davos Forum, the company recognized the need of becoming a part of the solution.

People apparently Love Plastic & this Is why Coca Cola Continues Using It

Coca Cola has pledged of using at least half of the recycled material in their packaging by 2030. They’re also working with NGOs worldwide to help better the collection of the bottles.

But, Perez claims the company couldn’t entirely remove plastic as some campaigners claimed it would alienate their customers and affect their sales.

Also, she said that if they were to use only glass and aluminum, their carbon footprint could increase. And, for them, business isn’t business if we don’t listen to our consumers’ need.

Perez appreciates the idealism of youth activists like that of the 19-year-old Melati Wijsen and her sister Isabel who convinced Bali to prohibit the usage of plastic straws and bags and Styrofoam.

She also agrees with calls on the company to reach their eco-friendly goals faster than 2030, even though she wouldn’t say if she would resign her function if the plans were to fail.

She’s certain they’ll reach their goal without any question.





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