Famous Instagram Model Collects $700,000 for Australia Fires with Nude Photos

In only 4 days, the 20-year-old Kaylen Ward managed to collect more than $700,000 for victims of the Australian fire crisis.

She achieved this by sending nudes of herself to people who donated more than $10 to some of her proposed charities and sent her the receipt.

The Californian has worked as a nude model since August 2019.

While on a vacation in the Caribbean, she was shocked to learn about the ongoing fires that are destroying the eastern and southern coastlines of Australia.

Thanks to Nude Photos of Herself, Model Gets Donations for Australian Fires

She donated $1,000 herself and claims she has a substantial amount of followers, around 30K.

She believed that they would help and send donations.

On January 3rd, she shared a nude image of herself along with a list of charities that her followers can donate to.

That evening only, the model raised $7,000.

The next morning, her post went viral and her DMs were full- she came to $100,000 before she knew it.

Her original tweet was shared 77,000 times and she’s also been calling herself The Naked Philanthropist. One of the most common responses to her efforts is that ‘not all heroes were capes- some are nude’.

Australian Bushfires Have Brought in a lot of Charity Donations

Celeste Barber, comedian and instagrammer, has collected more than 40 million Australian dollars as a support for the NSW Rural Fire Brigade whereas celebrities like Pink, Nicole Kidman, and Kylie Minogue made individual donations of 500,000 Australian dollars.

Ward has a girl doing an analysis on the donations and her estimates are that she’s getting around 10 valid DMs per minute.

But, this is only if everybody donated at least $10 which isn’t calculating the average amount as she also had donations of $5000.

Ward claims that this cause is personal too because she was impacted by the Carr and Camp fires in the north of California two years ago.

She saw from up close how destructive fire can be. In a way, she claims she’s giving people what they’re already prepared to give money for.

Namely, she’s already using her Twitter to profit through nude photos. She also has a loyal base of fans that purchase content from her and help her pay her bills.

How Did Ward Cope with the Immense Attention She Gained?

Ward explains she wasn’t quite ready for the overwhelming attention she got and it’s challenging to keep up with the demand. She’s still in shock about the positivity she received about her efforts.

Her efforts have also motivated other sex workers to provide naked photos for donations to the relief funds.

One such person is Katie Day, a sex worker from Vancouver who saw Ward’s tweet and thought this was an excellent method to encourage donations. And, she has joined her efforts yesterday.

She hoped to raise several hundred dollars. She’s already surpassed her expectations and collected more than $1,000 in a day, mostly from people she’s never heard of before.

Ward is happy that others are following suit- she believes that the primary goal is collecting as much money as possible.

Ward’s Instagram Account Has Been Deleted?

Despite positive reactions, Ward’s efforts haven’t been without criticism. People are trying to find out who she is and anything about her that could be negative.

And, her Instagram account with more than 60,000 followers that was a major revenue source was erased.

Ward claims that whenever she tries to make another account, it immediately gets deleted.

There are also some fake ones claiming to be her that are still active. She explains that people are stealing her identity on this platform.

But, she’s kept everything in her stride and notes that people will always have opinions and that if we’re doing something for a good reason and we know that we’re good people deep inside, we won’t allow others to make us feel less than that.




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