Indiana Mother Gives Birth to Twins in Different Decades

Dawn Gilliam from Indiana welcomed her twin babies in different decades- a daughter Joslyn in 2019 and her son Jaxon in 2020. Though they’re twins, they don’t share the same birth year or birth decade.

This is because one baby was born on New Year’s Eve and the other one on New Year’s Day.

She welcomed her twins in different decades with a baby girl on Dec 31, 2019 and a baby boy on Jan 1, 2020.

Twins with Different Birth Years & Decades

The unexpected turn of fate started when the mother went to the Ascension St. Vincent Carmel hospital on New Year’s Eve because she was concerned about lack of movement of the fetuses.

Although the twins weren’t due until February 19th, she gave birth earlier. The baby girl was the last 2019 baby delivered at the hospital and the other one was among the first in the New Year.

The baby brother was born thirty minutes later than his sister. The mother said of her baby girl that they’ve known for a while that she was going to come out first. She’s been in position for most of the pregnancy.

The baby boy was breech so it took a while for him. The father of the twins, Jason Tello, said that he was ‘overwhelmed by the rare occurrence’.

They even talked about how awesome it would be if the babies are born on different dates. But, the surprise got even bigger-they’re not just born on different dates, but in different decades too!

The family says that this was very interesting for them and that they’re still a bit speechless about the whole situation.

Already a Momma’s Boy & a Daddy’s Girl

Gilliam, who’s already a mother of two boys, one 5 and the other one 10, said that the newborns are already different in their behavior- Joslyn is bonding quite well with her dad.

Whenever she’s crying, they give her to her dad and she’s happy again. She gladly holds his finger too!

On the other hand, Jaxon is quite the mama’s boy. He won’t grip on his father’s finger, but he does on his mother’s.

Although the babies are healthy, they’ll stay in the hospital for a while.





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