Man’s Wedding Proposal Using Google Earth Landed Him A World Record

This Tokyo man had a larger-than-life wedding proposal which required from him to quit his job and travel for 6 months.

He also needed Google Earth, GPS, and a lot of persistence.

But, his efforts paid off- he got signed into the Guinness World Record for the largest GPS drawing in history and of course, his girlfriend said ‘yes’!

Yasushi Takahashi’s amazing story has started making waves in the world.

The Amazing GPS Proposal Idea

Back in 2008, Yasushi who lives in Tokyo wanted to propose to his girlfriend Natsuki.

For a period of 10 years, he had been making GPS art with Google Earth and Street View.

Therefore, he decided to do something similar with his proposal.

GPS art is the art of making large-scale digital drawings by travelling with a GPS device on a predetermined route. When this route is uploaded to a mapping tool such as Google Earth, a specific form that you’ve made can be seen.

Yassan spelled a large ‘Marry Me’ sign across the Google map of Japan.

How Did Yassan Succeed in His Plan for the Unique Proposal?

In order to fulfill his plan, he left his job and planned a journey from the island Hokkaido to the Kagoshima shores.

He travelled 6 months and trekked a distance of over 7000 km to spell out the proposal that is completed with a heart at the end.

How could his girlfriend say no to this proposal, right?

She said that it was a big surprise and she felt the greatest love in the world.

Since it was shared on social medial, their story had already been viewed over 17,000 times in less than 5 hours. Most of the comments are positive impressions.

Experiencing the World by Foot

Yassan’s purpose wasn’t just to make the most unusual proposal, but also to experience Japan.

For this purpose, he made a 7-minute video that describes his epic journey through his country.

The video shows several stages of his travels. He can be seen travelling on difficult roads, climbing Mount Fuji, and visiting hot springs.

Despite taking him six months, he claims it wasn’t a waste of time because when he explained to his now-wife-to-be, she said yes and it’s a sweet memory.

The expedition was also chosen to be presented in a new documentary about how walking can help us get to extraordinary things.

This series is an online project that’s produced by a company in Amsterdam.





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