Oh, No: This Woman’s Microblading Procedure Resulted in Her Having 4 Eyebrows

In order to have thicker eyebrows, a lot of people today are undergoing microblading, a process of semi-permanent tattooing that causes hair-like strokes for a fuller look.

When you go to a certified professional, the results can be amazing.

However, what if you go to the wrong person?

This may result in having 4 eyebrows like this woman from Missouri who got her microblading procedure last year.

The Woman with 4 Eyebrows

Jami Ledbetter who’s 42 went to a woman who claimed she was a certified microblading professional.

However, after the procedure, Ledbetter had a botched job that made her look quite unusual and killed her confidence in the meantime.

Ledbetter claims she was devastated and things got even worse when a guy she was dating left her at this point.

Although she was able to eliminate the botched segments thanks to a licensed tattoo artist who removes tattoos, she claims the removal required months and cost her more than thousand dollars.

She said that she would never undergo the procedure if she knew it would turn out like this.

What Is Microblading Exactly?

Microblading is very similar to tattooing; however, the pigments don’t go as deep.

The artist uses a tool with micro needles and deposits color into the skin and makes thicker, but a realistic shape.

This procedure isn’t painful because of a numbing agent applied in advance and the appointment may last up to 2 hours.

Touch ups may be needed later on.

But, microbladed eyebrows require up to a month or so to completely heal and the afterwards process may be characterized by redness, peeling, and slight discomfort.

Since microblading isn’t regulated for safety, the inks aren’t tested and complications are possible, including infections, long-term scars, allergies, and insufficient aesthetic result, according to dermatologist Jennifer MacGregor, MD.

To avert a disaster such as the one that happened to this woman, make sure you go to a microblading professional recommended by your dermatologist or to read up a bit about the technician and the facility where you plan to undergo microblading.




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