Pressure from Activists Resulted in Versace Banning Usage of Kangaroo Skin

The brand Versace has been supported by animal rights activists for their move to cease the usage of kangaroo skin in their collections.

With the disastrous fires still raging throughout Australia, there’s been extra attention on the animals being harmed and killed throughout the country, kangaroos included.

Unfortunately, one billion animals have lost their lives because of the fires and therefore, Versace decided to stop using kangaroo skin for their products.

The Italian fashion house has pledged in 2018 to stop using real animal fur.

Kangaroo Skin Will no Longer Be Used by Versace

In an online statement by LAV, an animal rights organization from Italy, the luxury fashion brand has confirmed an ultimate ban of kangaroo leather, starting from their 2019 collection.

According to LAV, 2.3 million kangaroos are hunted in Australia annually and they’re asking Italian companies which feed the import of products acquired by the killing of kangaroos to make a public commitment to ban kangaroo meat or leather from their products.

The organization is supportive of the brand’s announcement and considers it a sign of responsibility, now more than ever.

The fires are raging Australia and this is just an addition to the hunting massacres and dramatic results for the kangaroo populations.

Even though Versace haven’t released their statement regarding the ban of kangaroo leather, they confirmed that they’ll definitely cease usage of kangaroo leather as of the 2019 collections.

In 2018, Donatella Versace explained her discomfort concerning usage of fur and said she’s out of that and that she doesn’t want to kill animals for fashion because it doesn’t feel right.

However, the brand is still using other animal-derived materials like silk, wool, and cashmere.

Italy is currently the biggest importer of skin from kangaroo and a lot of brands use it to produce sneakers and football boots.

Diadora, a sportswear brand banned it last year. And, Carrefour announced that they’ll stop selling kangaroo meat in their Belgian stores after the pressure from animal rights organizations in the country.

Other supermarkets are now being encouraged to do the same.





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