‘Rage Yoga’ Lets You Curse And Drink Beer To Achieve Inner Peace

When the 24-year-old yoga instructor Lindsay Istace was experiencing a bad breakup, she noticed that a lot of her negativity flowed into her practice.

Rather than using yoga to find that inner peace, the Calgary-native was cursing quite a lot in between the asanas.

Suddenly, her home practice was naturally full of swearing and yelling. At first, it all seemed so odd.

But, after some time, she saw that her yoga practice combined with the swearing and yelling was very helpful.  

Now, You Can Go to Yoga, Curse, Yell & Drink Beer

Today, rage yoga is available for other people too- Istace is holding sessions at the basement of the Calgary Dickens Pub in Canada.

Istace, the founder of Rage Yoga, never thought that this would become a phenomenon- she thought it was an excellent way to introduce some new type of yoga into her community.

First, she started a one-time workshop. But, after numerous requests to offer more classes, she saw the need of transforming Rage Yoga into a practice.

How Does a Session of Rage Yoga Look Like?

During the sessions, the yogis can listen to punk and metal music and they can also drink alcohol during the breaks and scream if they want to.

This class attracts mostly people who want to avoid traditional yoga. During the breathing exercises, Istace encourages them to swear rather than concentrating to the silence.

Istace notes that this is a distinct behavior. And, if the yogis want to joke while going through the moves, they can. For her, this is a relaxed and easy atmosphere, without any pressure.

On the Rage Yoga website, it’s explained that this yoga is a practice involving stretching, positional exercises, and bad humor as a way to achieve good health and to become zen as f*ck.

For them, this yoga is more than a practice- it’s an attitude.

Rage Yoga Is Available Elsewhere too

Ashley Duzich, another rage yoga instructor from Brash Brewery in Houston, Texas says that this yoga is perfect for people who want to get rid of anger in a healthy manner.

She claims that we’re all angry about something and that we’ve all been holding onto an F-bomb for long.

During the breaks, the yogis can reach for a glass of beer and they’re aware this yoga isn’t for everyone and this is completely okay.

However, we don’t recommend bringing your children with you at one of these sessions !





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