Singer Billie Eilish Says It’s a really Good Time to Be Vegan

Billie Eilish says that there’s no better time than NOW to be a vegan.

The stellar singer said that being vegan while on tour was quite hard at first; however, it’s become easier with the increase in availability of vegan products and meat replacements.  

The globally-popular 18-year-old pop singer noted that she lost a lot of weight during her first tour as she didn’t eat.

This wasn’t something she did by choice- it was more like there was nothing to eat for most of the time, particularly while they were in Europe.

Now, They’re Well Fed & Happy

But, things have changed a lot- today; they’ve actually gain weight while on tour because of the wonderful team who’s making sure they get the needed food.

Eilish claims that it’s great to be a vegan in life.

The Grammy Award winner is an outspoken vegan and she often motivates her millions of followers on social media to get rid of meat and dairy in their diets.

Billie Eilish’s Vegan Activism

The 18-year-old singer spoke out on her Instagram in June 2018 about the animal cruelty that’s happening in the dairy industry.

She shared undercover photos of the dairy industry that was secretly shot at the Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana which supplies milk to dairy brand Fairlife that’s a subsidiary of Coca Cola.

She wrote that although she keeps her mouth shut most of the time about this as she believes that we should all do, eat, and say what we want, if one can watch the videos and not give a f*** that it’s us contributing by eating the creatures that are tortured for our pleasure, she feels sorry for us.

On the footage, the dairy farm employees are seen pushing, dragging, punching, and throwing calves and separating them from their mothers soon after they’re born.

Then, they force feed them and when they refuse this, they get stomped or kicked.

Unfortunately, the video shows how they’re burned and hit with irons. Dead calves are left in piles and the live ones are sent for slaughter.

The singer claims she understands that meat does taste good and she’s aware that one may think ‘I’m one person only’ and that ‘I can’t change anything’; however, for her, this is stupid and ignorant.

She believes we can all make a change and that change adds up.

The Road to Veganism

The singer went vegan back in 2014, according to a post she shared. She was inspired by numerous reasons, including the negative impact of dairy on the health and welfare of animals.





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