This 7-Year-Old Boy Was Named Kid of the Year after Helping more than 1300 Dogs to Find a Home

Roman McCoon is a 7-year-old boy from Augusta, Georgia and he’s like any other child at his age. However, he also has an immense love for animals that goes beyond that of his peers.

Believe it or not, this youngster has already helped find a home to 1300 dogs.

For Roman, it’s crucial that he gives the best chance possible to dogs in finding a home. And, he also believes that a lot of children should be doing the same.

Roman’s Love & Kindness for Animals Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Since these amazing gestures and kindness can’t go unnoticed, the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA named Roman the Kid of the Year. This award is without doubt well-deserved.

The little boy began rescuing dogs at the age of 4 with the help of his mother Jennifer McCoon, who’s also the founder of their project Freedom Ride.

Through their organization, they rescue dogs from high-kill shelters in Texas and help rehome them in loving families.

Their goal is to help dogs, particularly ones on dead lists, in finding a good home.

How They Help Dogs from High-Kill Shelters Find a Home?

When Roman was asked about how he manages to help so many dogs to find families, he explained that his mother filmed him while he played with the rescues and then she shared the videos on Facebook.

Through these videos, people can see the animals and thus, they have a higher chance of finding a home they deserve.

The first rescue dog that Roman remembers was in Washington and his name was Sullivan. They called him Sully for a bit and he was the sweetest dog ever, an American bulldog.

After their success in finding Sullivan a home, they continued doing the same for other dogs too. They established the project in December of 2016.

Thanks to these amazing mother and son, unwanted dogs in line for euthanasia at shelters can get a chance of finding a home.

People Are Seeing their Dedication

Jennifer says that their organization has grown organically and this is what they love.

They sincerely believe that people see their compassion, love, and hard work.

The adoption process is consisted of a vetting as well as reference checks to ensure the dog is given to a family who truly deserves him/her.

They’re not just helping connect unwanted dogs, but few cats too, with families in the Pacific Northwest and Northeast. Luckily, they’re expanding constantly and are 100 percent funded by donations.

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page and see some amazing rescue dog stories.





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