5-Year-Old Girl Paid Off Lunch Balances of 123 Students by Selling Cookies & Cocoa

A 5-year-old student from an elementary school in Vista, California gathered sufficient money to pay off the negative lunch balances of 123 of her peers.

Katelynn Hardee is a kindergartner at the Breeze Hill Elementary and she decided to do something after she heard a parent saying she had a hard time paying for her child’s after school program.

Katelynn’s mother said that her daughter began asking her numerous questions and that she explained to her that there are cases when people aren’t as fortunate as they are and that we have to be kind and give when we’re able to.

Katelynn Decides to Do Something for Her Peers

With this in mind, Katelynn set up a stand in December in front of her house and sold cider, cookies, and hot cocoa.

Together with her mother, they donated all of the $80 they collected to pay off the negative lunch balances of a total of 123 students in her school.

Katelynn said that she hopes this will help other students have lunch and a snack because if they don’t, ‘their tummies grumble’.

According to the school’s principal, Lori Higley, everyone is so proud and happy and many other students are discussing ways they could also make a difference.

She further adds that this is a perfect example of how one kind act, no matter how small, can mean the world to someone.

Katelynn Has Next Goals She Wants to Fulfil

The next plan that Katelynn has is to collect sufficient funds to pay off the negative balances at her school, but thousands of other negative balances at schools like the Vista Unified.

To assist her in her mission that she calls Kiki’s Kindness Project, other students and staff from Breeze Hill hosted a cocoa and baked goods stand to gather money.

After all of the money has been used to pay off the negative balances, she will use the next collected money to support school programs that were eliminated because of budget reductions.

What an amazing young lady, right? Wish there were more people like here- the world would be such a better place, don’t you agree?





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