Are Dogs Really Our Best Friends?

If you never loved a dog, then you’re definitely missing out on a lot of love. And, if you’ve never been loved by a dog, you’re missing out on so much more.

When it comes to dogs, we often hear them being called ‘man’s best friend’.

And, to some extent, this is really the case- dogs become part of our families and we build a strong connection with them.

A bond with a dog is more special than we think and one can’t know this amazing connection if they haven’t had a dog.

Dogs are amazing companions and they’re by our side in our happiest and in our saddest moments in life.

Here are 10 amazing reasons why dogs are really our best friends!

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

  • They love us unconditionally

A dog can’t get mad at you, no matter how many times you forgot to say goodbye in the morning when you were in a rush or the numerous times you yelled at them for getting in your way.

  • They’re loyal as f***

When we love a dog with all our heart, this dog will love us 100 times more and this love will last forever.

You can’t break up with a dog- dog is a forever friend and as long as they’re breathing and standing on their four legs, they will love you.

  • They protect us

When dogs love someone, they feel protective of them; however, this isn’t only when the situation is bad.

Dogs also want to protect us when we’re feeling unwell, when we’re sad, when we’re hurting. They seem to know instinctively when we’re vulnerable and try to protect us with their amazing energy.

  • They will follow you anywhere

Your dog is always up for a run, for a walk, for a nap, for a chill session in the sun or throwing sticks on the beach.

This is your best friend you can always reach to when you want to have the best time. A dog will never say ‘no, I don’t have time’ or ‘no, I don’t want to play that game’.

  • They can’t judge

Dogs can’t judge and will never say ‘I told you so’. They will curl up to you on the couch or on the floor and won’t care what anyone else in the world thinks about you.

They love you for who you truly are and you’re their best friend and they love you unconditionally.

  • They know silence is magic

As human beings, when things are bad, we try to find comforting words, but often, we are unable to. And, we usually feel that no matter what anyone else says, it won’t make us feel better. A dog knows this and a dog will be by your side.

They seem to know when there’s something wrong with their owners and they won’t leave their side.

They will cuddle with you when you’re feeling bad and will be your lifeline in the most challenging moments in your life. They need no words to be there for you.

  • They can feel remorse

When dogs do something bad, when we come home, they have the ‘I’m sorry’ face. They feel awful about what they did and they want your forgiveness. How amazing are they?

  • They want love

As people, we often put emotional walls as a means of protecting ourselves and we often fear to feel things.

But, dogs remind us that to live means to love. They want affection all the time- they want to feel love, to be cuddled, and to give it back. They know that life is too short to miss out on love.

  • They try to win over people who don’t like them

When we feel that somebody doesn’t like us, we tend to become defensive or aggressive. But, with dogs, it’s different. If they sense someone is afraid of them or doesn’t like them, they will try their best to win them over.

They will lay by their feet or give them their paw. Dogs are indeed the real charmers and this is only one of the reasons why we love them so much.

  • Dogs are rarely moody

With dogs, there’s no waking up on the wrong side of the bed- they’re always happy to wake up and seize the day.

They live in the present moment and don’t know about the past or the future. Every single day is a new day for them and they’re rejoicing to it. Definitely, we’ve got some stuff to learn from our four legged furry friends.





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