At this French Marathon, Runners can Stop for Wine & Cheese

Running a marathon isn’t easy, that’s for sure.

You’re running, sweating, and trying to breathe properly. However, this marathon in France may have come up with a solution to make running easier and even more enjoyable- cheese and wine breaks for the runners.

The French Marathon du Medoc offers its runners the opportunity to snack on some local delicacies while running through the different regions.

This marathon doesn’t just give the regular water break like other marathons do- their runners can taste some delicious cheese, grape, oysters, ice cream, and drink wine.

The French Marathon du Medoc & Its Extras

This running race takes the runners through a picturesque route that goes through estates and vineyards, as well as some castles.

The runners have 6.5 hours to complete the route. Therefore, there’s enough time to soak in the beautiful nature and to taste delicious wine and cheese.

This marathon isn’t about speed-if you want to clock best time, opt for a regular one. Plus, this one has to be completed in a fancy dress!

The runners run 26.2 miles with an inflatable bottle of wine strapped onto their backs. Many of them will definitely be motivated to finish.

The winners in male and female category get Medoc wines and fine wines (for the first three places) as rewards. The amount is determined according to their weight.

This can be the ideal choice for those who love running and fitness, as well as wine and cheese.

Every year, the marathon has a theme- this year’s theme is Cinema.

A Beautiful Experience

Thousands of runners set off in the best costumes. The runners are indeed an eclectic mixture of characters. The best dressed even receive a prize for their styling efforts!

This year’s rendezvous will be on the 12th of September- check out the Marathon’s website to learn more!

The registration begins in March and you can register individually or with a group.

The prices vary, depending on the pack you choose and you also have to supply a medical certificate that ensures you’re healthy to participate in the marathon.

The Marathon exists since 2000.





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