Meet Gary & Learn about His Story: Adorable Rescue Cat Who’s Having Wonderful Adventures

Gary is a 5-year-old rescue cat which is one of the most famous Instagram cats today.

But, he’s not the regular fluffy ball you see posing for cute photos- Gary is a genuine adventurer that hikes, paddles, and comes with his owners on all of their outdoor activities.

According to Gary’s owner, James, the cat is an adventure lover and he says he’s working hard to ensure Gary is happy and comfy.

James is also a social media manager who manages the account for this amazing cat.

He notes that he introduces Gary to new activities gradually so he has time to adjust on his own terms.

But, he jokingly says that he’s created a ‘monster’ as when he doesn’t take him out enough, the cat sits at the door and begins to meow.

How Did this Wonderful Cat Become Part of James’s Life?

James also reveals that it was his partner’s actions that led to the adoption of Gary, a rescue cat.

The reason why his partner chose Gary is because he had the same injury as his dog-brother Duke at the same age so they were an excellent pair.

Both had broken left hips and had a femoral head treatment.

This means that the head of his femur was removed and the hip joints on the left side are only muscle and tendon, without bone.

This is why Gary can’t jump very high; otherwise, he’s all healthy and happy.

 James is 29 and he recalls how he opened up Gary’s Instagram account.

The Story of Gary’s Instagram Popularity

When he and his partner moved to the Canadian Rockies, James didn’t have a job so he started the cat’s account.

He wanted to keep his social media presence and was looking for a job in his field.

The cat quickly gained a lot of followers and it all  came together perfectly.

He also notes that they started going on adventures with Gary recently because he showed interest in the outdoors.

However, as it’s unsafe for him to be alone out there with bears, wolves, coyotes, and birds, they got him a harness and trained him to walk on a leash.

From smaller adventures in their local parks, they soon moved to mountain hiking, as well as paddle boarding, camping, and kayaking.

If you want to stay in touch with this beautiful cat and their wonderful adventures, make sure you follow him on Instagram!




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