Pregnant Dog Shot 17 Times Has Qualified As A Therapy Dog

Shocking, sad, and horrifying-this amazing dog was shot a total of 17 times before she was abandoned on the streets. Today, the sweet dog named Maggie is a certified therapy dog.

The 5-year-old Maggie was found in Lebanon with her eyes shot out, one of the ears cut off, and a broken jaw.

She was also pregnant when discovered tied to a box and left all alone. But, this sad and shocking story ended well for the beautiful creature.

The animal charity Wild at Heart Foundation rescued her and shared her story.

Afterwards, she was adopted by an animal lover named Kasey who took the sweet Maggie with her in her home in Brighton.

Happy & Helping Others

This wonderful survivor dog has passed her certifications for a therapy dog and has even become popular on Instagram.

Kasey said that she heard about Maggie after a person from Lebanon was asking for help.

It was her mother who saw the story about Maggie and immediately said ‘we have to foster her’.

When Kasey read her story, she agreed right away. But, the road to getting Maggie out of Lebanon wasn’t easy.

The Journey to Get Maggie to Sussex

In order to get the sweet dog from Lebanon, six months of online campaigning was necessary.

Eventually, she found her home with Kasey and her mother in Sussex, England.

Today, Maggie has 80,000 followers on her Instagram, Maggie the Wunderdog, and she’s also a therapy dog.

She visits hospitals, care homes, and universities to spread positivity.

Not Every Dog can Become a Therapy Dog

In order for a dog to become a therapy dog, it needs to take exams. Sweet Maggie passed them all and her proud owner shared the news on the dog’s Instagram account that she manages.

She said ‘yesterday me and Maggie went to meet with her assessor. She flaunted her stuff and gave it her best go and she PASSED. Maggie is now a registered therapy dog with @underdog_international.’

Kasey also explained what they will be doing- they’ll speak to schools and work with youngsters.

She knows that what happened to this poor dog was horrible, but if her story can help inspire others to do well, then at least they can do their part to brighten up our world.

Maggie is still a normal dog, despite her health problems. She’s energetic, bubbly, walks off the lead, and follows her owner around.

She certainly had been in agony with all that she experienced; however, she’s never hurt anyone and she’s full of love, said Kasey.

She also explains that Maggie has an amazing life and wants the most of it and she wants others to see that she’s living it.

Indeed, with all that this amazing dog has been through, she deserves everything she now has and more!

Maggie, we love you!!!!





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