The Happiest Day for Friends Fans: Cast Announced Reuniting for a Special Episode on HBO Max

‘The one where they get back together’? – Yes, please!

The cast from the one of the most popular TV shows of all time Friends will get together for a special unscripted episode for the launch of the HBO Max streaming platform in May.

This move is definitely a great buzz generator for the upcoming platform and will attract more subscribers.

The platform will be available for $14.99- a premium in comparison to its competitors like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

Reportedly, they paid each of the main cast a $3 million. This is more than double from their former per-episode fee in the 10th and last season in 2004.

What Will the New Platform Include?

HBO Max will include the full 10 seasons of Friends, that is, the 236 episodes. The exclusive rights were secured for $425 million back in 2019 by HBO Max and Warner Media.

The show originally ran from 1994 to 2004 and has gained a new generation of fans after being streamed on Netflix. However, it left this platform on January 1st in the US.

The curiosity concerning the new episode peaked when all of the main stars of the show simultaneously posted an iconic photo of the cast on their Instagrams and captioned it ‘It’s happening’.

Disney generated hype for their Disney Plus streaming service through the weekly episodes of The Mandalorian, a show which introduced us into the world of baby Yoda.

HBO Max Is the Priciest amongst Its Competitors

In order to justify their premium, Friends special episode has been announced, but an impressive array of other TV shows and movies like The Matrix, the Big Bang Theory, and DC movies too.

The current HBO subscribers on AT&T that are around 10 million and the ones from HBO Now will get the Max option for free.

Anyhow, we know that Friends fans worldwide can’t wait for May to come and we can’t wait to see what the comeback episode will be like!

Until then, we’re counting!!




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