Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Responds to the Cartoon Depicting Her Being Sexually Assaulted

A cartoon sticker depicting the young climate activist Greta Thunberg being sexually assaulted has been circling globally.

The sticker shows a young girl being grabbed by her braided pigtails from behind and the name Greta printed across the back of the girl.

The logo of the Canadian oil company X-site Energy Services is seen on the bottom.

After causing outrage on social media concerning the sticker, the teen activist responded to it on her Twitter and she called it ‘a sign of winning’.

She also added that they’re starting to get desperate and that this shows that we’re winning.

X-site Denies Involvement in the Circulation of the Sticker

The company general manager Doug Sparrow has denied the company’s involvement in the sticker making and spreading and said that it doesn’t come from the company or any of their employees.

The only thing he said he knew is that someone has done it.

The company wrote an apology for the image on their official website.

They also wrote that they’re aware that it’s not sufficient to apologize for this image associated with their company’s logo and explained that it doesn’t reflect their values and that they’re deeply regret the pain it has caused.

They also wrote that they’re taking the needed action to condemn the image and that they’re committed to recover and destroy the distributed decals.

They have made necessary organizational changes to show this.

However, they also noted that other parties have produced more images since and attached the logo of the oil company.

They asked for people’s help in ceasing the circulation of the images and hope that the republishing will come to an end.

Thunberg, the Leading Voice in the Fight against Climate Crisis

Thunberg, who often wears her hair in pigtails as the image depicts, is a leader in the fight against climate crisis and has gained worldwide recognition and support for her dedicated activism.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Alberta said in a statement that their investigation concerning the image determined that the decal doesn’t meet child pornography elements and that it doesn’t depict a non-consensual act that would directly threaten the person.

They also added that they don’t believe this sticker constitutes a criminal offense.  





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