The Popular Brand PUMA Launched a Sustainable Collection: It Is Made from Recycled Plastic

The sportswear giant PUMA collaborated with First Mile for the creation of their sustainable clothes collection made from recycled plastic bottles.

First Mile is a people-focused network which helps strengthen the micro economies in Haiti, Honduras, and Taiwan through the collection of plastic bottles and helping create sustainable jobs and lower the waste and make sustainable yarn.

Back in 2018, they helped produce more than 300 tons of recycled tons from garbage. This new collaboration and collection also uses the sustainable First Mile yarn.

Plastic Pollution Is a Pressing Issue Today

According to Adam Petrick who’s the global director of brand and marketing for PUMA, plastic waste is an urging eco problem we’re facing today.

Petrick further explained that this is why they’re glad to be a part of a viable solution and working together with First Mile. They’re supporting communities with low income and boosting the transparency in the supply chains.

Responsible sourcing is what the company is striving for, according to Mile Kelsey Halling, director of Partnerships at First Mile.

They’re pleased to welcome PUMA to their group of brave and innovative brands that are leaders in responsible sourcing.

The collaboration of PUMA and First Mile goes deeper than recycling and it deals with social impact and human connection too.

What Does the PUMA Sustainable Collection Have to Offer?

The co-branded collection has been made to help optimize consumers’ performance during workouts and it boasts apparel and shoes. It includes T-shirts, shorts, jackets, and leggings.

The plastic bottles are collected and then sorted, cleaned, and shredded prior to their transformation into the First Mile yarn which is used for clothes and shoes making.

Halling added that they hope that the people who purchase the collection will also feel good about it, not only because they’ve chosen a sustainable material, but because they know that the First Mile entrepreneurs are connected to the product through their star material.

If you want to shop the sustainable collection, check out this link.





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