There Is a Park in Norway that Allows Visitors to Play with Wolves under the Northern Lights

Would you kiss a wolf if you could?

In the Polar Park in Norway, guests are able to spend several nights in a cozy cabin inside a wolf enclosure. Yes, you’ve heard it right- you can live among wolves in the wild!

The Polar Park is a wildlife park located in the northernmost part of Norway, in Bardu, between Narvik and Tromso.

This experience was launched several years ago and it includes an evening of listening wolf tales in front of the fireplace while the curious wolves are striding around and coming near you for a cuddle or two.

In the morning, guests can go outside and get a ‘kiss’ from the wolves.

The resort offers 6 bedrooms and the wolves are socialized in order to provide best experience possible.

The guests are given clear and precise instructions by the professional guides on where to place their hands, how to walk, how to behave generally when near these creatures.

Wolves, Critically Endangered Animals since 2010

Unfortunately, the wolves from the south-east Norway are listed as critically endangered and are on the Norwegian Red List of Species as of 2010.

Wolves, the largest members of the dog family, are a social species and they live in flocks or pairs.

They hunt small and larger game and animals like moose and red deer. They can grow to an average weight of around 30 kg for females and 50 kg for males.

But, wolves aren’t the only species of animals you can spot in this park- bears, lynx, and muskoxs are also present there.

As a visitor, you can participate in guided nature photography tours too.

How Much You Need to Pay to Stay in the Polar Park & Enjoy the Wild?

The WolfLodge packages begin from £450 and they usually include accommodation, guides, dinner, and snacks.

The wolves are raised to enjoy being surrounded by people and feel calm around them. In this setting, wolf lovers can learn more about the lives of these amazing creatures under the northern lights.





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