This Canadian Photographer Caught the most Magical Moment: Polar Bears Playing in Fields of Flowers

Most people, when they think of polar bears, they imagine them playing around in an Arctic landscape, mostly made of snow and ice.

But, what you may not have known is that in the summer months, these wonderful creatures migrate towards the south and they occasionally wind up at fields of bright pink wildflowers.

Luckily, this Canadian photographer was there to memorize this moment.

Dennis Fast made the stunning images near the Northern Canada’s Hudson Bay in the Manitoba Province.

White Giants Having the Times of their Lives in the Summer Sun

The playful bears can be seen enjoying themselves in the sunny weather and rolling around in a field of fireweed, near lodges that are run by Churchill Wild, a safari company in the Arctic where Dennis works as their main photographer.

Dennis has been photographing these white majestic creatures for long, although he admits that he’s especially fond of doing this in the warmer months.

He notes that besides being the largest carnivore on the planet, they’re also one of the most adorable- their demeanor is calm and inquisitive.

On the photos, the bears can also be seen occasionally chewing on the flower plants. Dennis has been photographing bears for around two decades.

Why Does Dennis Fast Love Photographing Arctic Bears?

Fast explains that it’s not only the bears’ white color that makes them the favorite target of his camera, but their slow and ambling gait while drifting around as well.

Bears seem like they don’t have a care in the world and that they don’t fear anything. He loves spending quality time with his favorite animal.

He emphasizes that the animals in the wild need some time to get used to our presence and learn that we won’t harm them.

When this happens, they begin to act their normal selves.

The animals have become used to the photographer who’s a regular visitor of the Churchill Wild lodges as the chief photographer of the resort.

He’s been able to show these animals’ true playful nature to the world through his lenses.

Do You Want to See these Wonderful Animals in their Natural Habitat?

If you want to see how bears act in their natural habitat, you needn’t be a professional photographer- The Arctic safari’s outpost is located in the Polar Bear Capital of the World Churchill and hosts shutterbugs for all levels of experience.





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