Heartbreaking Pics of Overworked Doctors Are Going Viral Proving that They too Have Human Limits

With the coronavirus still infecting people and taking lives worldwide, tragic and heartbreaking milestones happen on the daily.

The US has more than 35K confirmed cases; the death toll in Italy has surpassed 5000 whereas Spain has lost more than 1500 lives.

In the fight against this deadly virus the medical workers are our front line.

These people are doing their best and working 24/7 to provide medical care to the sick. But, they’re humans, same as we are.

They also get stressed, overworked, and tired. Sadly, many lives of medical workers have been lost worldwide since the start of the pandemic and a lot of them have changed drastically.

But, they’re not giving up and are brave and know their importance. Have you ever asked yourself about how these people look behind the enormous masks and body suits?

Believe it or not, their sacrifice is immense and the photos you’ll see below are a proof of this.

The medical workers are seen bruised from the facial masks. Let’s take a moment and express our gratitude about these amazing people-our heroes!

Stories of Medical Workers Fighting the Coronavirus

1.60-year-old primary care physician is testing patients for Covid-19. She is putting her own health on the line in order to help with the testing of patients and she’s doing everything in her power to avert the virus from spreading in her community and reduce the overburdened hospitals.

2. This is his new reality- the unit where he works has become an Itu and he’s spending 10.5 hours with an hour off in full PPE with patients who have covid-19. He explains how you get frequent headaches from all the straps, pain throughout the face. He’s pleading people to remain at home and do what they’re being recommended to do.

3. Anesthesiologist, Dr. John Henao, is running out of Ppe at his hospital where they’re working under the assumption that most people are positive to the virus, but asymptomatic. However, to save up on the scarce Ppe supplies, they’re using them only for known cases. He’s horrified of the shortage and what they’re doing to mitigate this- he once put an old plastic bag and sealed it around his neck.

4. This medical worker spent 9 hours in PPI in London working with COVID-19 patients. She explains how she felt broken and that it was only the beginning. She begs people to do social distancing and isolation.

5. A medical worker who’s been a nurse at critical care ward for 13 years says she’s never seen anything like what’s happening in the healthcare system now. It’s more than overwhelming. She says how she administered morphine to one patient and watched another struggle for breath before he got intubated and stuck in an elevator that was transporting a dying patient.

6. This medical worker took a selfie after spending 13 hours straight working in the ICU-he doesn’t love taking selfies, but he took the photo yesterday and says he’s not a hero, but a normal person.





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