Man Uses Quarantine Time Creatively & Builds a Tiny Restaurant for Animals in His Yard

Would you believe that this man has successfully built a tiny restaurant for the animals living in his garden?

This animal lover came up with a creative idea to help feed the squirrels that are frequently around his home in a beautiful setting.

James Vreeland is an animal lover and has always had feeders for the squirrels and birds that live around his home in Detroit.

With more free time on his hands because of the coronavirus, he wanted to take his love for animals one step further- he offered them a luxurious tiny café to enjoy their food!

Man Builds a Beautiful Tiny Café for the Animals in His Garden

Vreeland came up with a great plan and began developing it. He crafted small wooden benches and put them in his front yard, as well as a wooden fence and entrance.

He even came up with a pretty stunning name – Maison du Noix or French for the Nut House.

The opening course in this amazing restaurant is mixed seeds, then stale bread or pizza crust, as well as raw peanuts on the full shell, and for dessert, counter-softened apples, explains Vreeland.

Customers Were Soon Lining Up to Visit the Restaurant

Soon enough, given the wonderful setting and the attractive menu, the ‘visitors’ came pouring in to enjoy all the free food that Vreeland has offered. Vreeland notes that both the blue jays and squirrels loved it!

However, although it’s a restaurant for animals, they’re not the only ones who’re enjoying the café.

Vreeland’s neighbors and other like-minded people can follow a live stream of the café online-it’s a real enjoyment for the eyes too!

He also adds how the response from people has been pretty amazing- many are stopping by to take photos because they probably haven’t seen something like this!

Without doubt, business is booming at the Maison du Noix and although Vreeland isn’t actually earning money, he’s more than happy to know that his furry friends are happy and fed.

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out several photos of stunning restaurant and tell us what you think in the comment section!





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