Why Your Outspoken & Blunt Friends Are Your Truest & most Real Friends

It’s not just you; it’s in our human nature to fall for compliments and sweet words.

Even though they can be sincere, they can often deceit us, especially if they’re spoken by people who use sugar-coated words when they don’t in fact mean any good.

And, the blunt people around us are usually considered ‘not good friends’ as they can be too real at times, which isn’t always what we want or need or what we’ve imagined we look like in other people’s eyes.

But, sometimes, the blunt people in your life can become your best friends- they will allow you to see the bigger picture, even when this is too hard.

They will show you truth and what better liberation is there than truth?

Let’s learn why we should appreciate our blunt friends a bit more!

7 Reasons to Respect Our Blunt Friends

  • They’re honest

Although these people are aware that truth can sometimes be painful, they people who will tell it anyway.

An honest opinion can do a lot of good in the long run, no matter how much you’re running away from it.

Eventually, you’ll have to face it, so it’s better to do it sooner than later.

A blunt person believes in either things being wrong or right.

For them, there’s nothing in between and they believe it’s beneficial to let you know when something seems right or wrong to them.

  • They don’t talk behind your back

A blunt person speaks their mind and heart always.

If you have a friend like this, you’ll always have someone to tell you things as they see them, but never behind their back- there’s no reason not to!

  • They’re fun to be around

A blunt person is a good friend, an honest friend, and a fun person to spend joyful moments with.

They don’t have any side intentions and will be with you through thick and thin!

  • You’ll have a pure friendship

Having a blunt friend will help you realize that you have a real friend in every sense of the world- this person will give you honest opinions about everything.

  • They’re good conversation starters

A blunt person tends to break the ice and will always begin the conversation.

You’ll hear an honest opinion from them and then the conversation will flow.

They will point to the elephant in the room and won’t shy away from letting everyone knowing about their opinion.

  • Legit friendship always

When you know your friend is honest, you know there are no hidden agendas with them and you know that you have a person to back you up, no matter what you’re going through.

Sometimes, a blunt and honest friend is better than dozens of friends who know nothing but using sugar-coated words!