Couple Build Amazing Shipping Container Home for Debt-Free Living

In Cowlitz County in Washington, there’s an amazing container home which will leave you speechless.

This unusual house was made from one 40ft shipping container and another 20ft container.

This impressive, full feature home is the brainchild of Jaimie and Dave. The couple sold their home in Vancouver, Washington and bought a land.

Their dream was to have a home free of debts and mortgages. They wanted to break free and be able to live a life they choose without any financial pressures of debts.

Couple Build Their Dream Home as an Alternative Housing

Dave and Jaimie set on to build an alternative home from containers and did all the work themselves. The home is impressive and it has all you need!

But, not everything went smoothly- Dave suffered a massive brain bleeding. Thankfully, Jaimie was with him all the time and helped him recover from this difficult health problem.

Their dream was almost shattered, but together they overcame the numerous challenges and went through Dave’s mental and physical recovery and built their shipping home!

The building of their home was in a way a journey to recovery and it helped in his rehabilitation.

The several years of hard work finally paid off- they managed to landscape their property and construct their home, but also a big workshop on the property.

Today, the couple has a unique and amazing place that they call their home. It’s definitely an inspiration for everyone, especially for people who think they can’t achieve their dreams.

You can learn more about this couple on their website. If you want to keep track of their day-to-day adventures in their special home, follow them on Instagram!

The couple’s story is without doubt a story of love, joy, and choosing and overcoming adversity through resilience.

We’re Ordinary People, Says the Couple

Even though many people are amazed by the home the couple lives in, on their website, they explain that they love the 2 containers they live in.

However, it isn’t something special. They do their best to keep their home as tidy and as clean as possible. They wash their windows, mown their lawn.

Since they live in the woods, bugs, spiders, and leaves tend to be everywhere all the time. The couple and their amazing home were also featured on the Living Big in a Tiny House show.

Check out the episode here:





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