Ethereal Portraits Highlight the Unique Beauty of a Girl With Albinism and Heterochromia

A person with a pigmentation disorder has a different skin. Our skin is determined by the presence of melanin, a pigment made from dendritic cells or melanocytes.

The color differences are mostly because of the amount of melanin formed and the nature of the pigment particles.

Albinism is a genetic skin disorder and people are born with it-it’s characterized by unusual skin pigments. The reason behind it is the low production of melanin.

Every race can be affected by albinism and albinism has several types and it’s even seen in animals.

In the US, around 1 in 18000 to 20000 people has some type of albinism whereas in the rest of the world, 1 in 3000.

What Is Heterochromia?

Similarly to albinism, heterochromia is also a disorder of pigmentation, but, unlike albinism, heterochromia is concentrated in the eyes.

A person with this disorder has two different irises, i.e. with different colours. There are various types of heterochromia, i.e. complete, partial or central.

Partial happens when only a part of the iris has a different color, central when the inner ring of the iris has a distinct color, and complete when the whole iris of one eye is with a different color.

One can be born with it or develop it after birth.

Believe it or not, there’s a girl who has both these disorders.

A Girl Has Both Albinism & Heterochromia

An 11-year-old girl from Grozny, Chechnya in Russia named Amina Ependieva has both of these rare conditions.

She is born and living in Grozny and she’s well known for her stunning and unique beauty throughout Chechnya.

She was born with a white hair and pale skin and has one blue and another brown eye.

After one photographer from Chechnya saw a photo of the girl in a shopping centre, she was amazed by her beauty.

The photographer, Amina Arsakova, wanted to do a photoshoot with the girl; but, it turned out it wasn’t easy to come into contact with her.

After some research, she managed to find her phone and scheduled a meeting with her.

Arsakova explained that when they scheduled a photoshoot, the girl was so calm and the calmness was reflected in the stunning photos.

They were made in a calm interior setting-the girl was setting and the background was neutral. A lot of close-ups caught the girl’s appealing features and a timid character.

The photos were shared on Arsakova’s Instagram page.

Arsakova is looking forward to the next photoshoot with the girl.