Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers with Pink Gradient Petals Exist: They’re absolutely Stunning

Sunflowers are without doubt one of the most popular flowers thanks to their vibrant and strong yellow and orange color.

But, new variations of the regular sunflower colours we know are slowly taking over the internet. One of our favourites is called the strawberry blonde- it’s an amazing sunflower that everyone would like to have in their homes.

The stunning part about these sunflowers is their color- they’re not yellow, but pink. This is the inspiration behind the name- strawberry blonde!

In the past, there were only several types of sunflowers; however, recently, the varieties have extended so much- you can find pink and red sunflowers!

Pink Sunflowers?-Yes, Please!

These hybrid sunflowers are an amazing choice for vases or in your garden. They’re a combo of rose-pink and lemon flowers surrounding a darker disc. They form 5 to 6 inch blooms.

To pot them and help them thrive, you need a well-drained soil and full sun exposure. Expect them to grow up to 6 feet in height.

They’re annual plants which you can see bloom within 4 months or sometimes, it will surprise you much sooner- you may see blooms in only 2 months. 

When properly taken care of, the flower can live up to 3 months. Generally speaking, they’re not a demanding flower to take care of, yet they will add so much beauty to the space where you place them.

They want sun and dislike cold and windy areas. Often, it may need additional support to grow upright- you can opt for long stick or wooden dowels.

Whether you’ll buy strawberry blonde sunflowers as a decoration for your garden, balcony or for a special event like a birthday or a wedding, they will always add a pretty vibe.

But, sunflowers are also a good choice for a garden because it will help you develop your senses- you’re noticing the vibrant flowers and hearing the bees rustling around. You can smell their stunning scent…





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