This GoPro Camera Got Swallowed by Lava, ‘Survived’ & Recorded Everything

If you’ve ever wanted to see what it’s like being engulfed by volcanic lava, now you have the chance thanks to this GoPro camera.

Erik Storm from Kilauea EcoGuides which is a tour group located in the Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii lost his GoPro camera in a crevice which was slowly filling up with lava.

Although this camera is often praised for its stunning strength; however, no one could’ve predicted that this small tech was able to withstand the 1000 degrees C heat of lava!

Storm Manages to Salvage His GoPro

After the lava flow came to a standstill and cooled to begin forming rock, Storm broke through and he actually retrieved his camera, at least the remains of it.

He explained that he used a geology rock hammer to pull the camera out of the lava and he believed it was completely lost.

However, he was in for a surprise- not only did most of the camera survived the lava, but it actually recorded all the happened and was still working.

Storm successfully pulled out the SD and used it to share the stunning footage with the public on his YouTube channel. He was amazed that the GoPro survived.

Even though this is a quite cool and unusual story, we strongly recommend against trying it yourself!

But, this doesn’t mean you can’t check out the video and see how it’s like being inside lava:

What Does the Company GoPro Have to Say?

According to the company’s helpdesk, most of their cameras shut off it the operational temperature goes above 125 F so the fact that this camera still exists is pretty stunning.

But, the footage is a bit eerie-like it’s right from a disaster-inspired movie.

The lava is slowly seen crawling towards the camera and inching its way before it totally engulfs the camera and then puts it on fire as it gets hotter and hotter.

We think that the real mystery behind this video is the type of case that Storm used- since it withstood lava, it definitely is a worthwhile investment for users of GoPro!


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