Try this Iron-Boosting Green Smoothie for Anemia & Blood Building

Contrary to what was once a common thought, nowadays, most people are that iron isn’t just present in animal products, but in numerous plant ones too.

One such plant-based amazing source of this essential nutrient is this green smoothie which is made with some stunning ingredients and we had to show you how it’s made and why it’s awesome for your health.

All of them work together to keep the iron levels high and to maximise its absorption by the body. Combining foods rich in iron with foods that are abundant in vitamin C is what ensures a maximum absorption.

Iron is a trace mineral which the body needs for numerous processes, including the blood formation, the regulation of cell growth, the activation of the enzymatic reactions, and as a mediator for the synthesis of collagen.

Knowing the importance of this mineral, get the most from this smoothie starting today!

Homemade Iron-Rich Green Smoothie Recipe

Here’s what you’ll need:

5 kiwis, ripe and peeled

2 cups of spinach or other leafy green

A cup of cucumber, chopped

A cup of mango

A cup of freshly squeezed orange juice

¼ cup of goji berries, soaked


Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend them for 2 to 3 minutes at high speed. Make sure you get a homogeneous mixture.

Transfer it in a glass and drink it right away-enjoy!

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