10 Warning Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation That You May Have Ignored

The blood that runs through our veins is like the ‘water’ of the ‘rivers’ in our body.

It also keeps our immunity strong and healthy and enables the pumping of the heart. Blood is life and without it, there’s no life.

But, when its levels lower, some parts may suffer and won’t thrive. Without proper blood flow, the small veins and capillaries in the body won’t get the blood they need.

Consequently, the cells around it won’t get the necessary nutrients and oxygen.

When left untreated, it can damage the body. With this in mind, we need to be able to recognize it timely and consult our physician.

To recognize the symptoms easier, below, read the 10 most common indicators of poor blood flow.

10 Warning Symptoms of Poor Blood Flow

Numb limbs

If you constantly deal with episodes of numbness in certain body areas, it may indicate a more serious problem with the blood flow.

Your wounds heal slowly

People with poor blood circulation heal very slowly-this is because blood is the building block of repair and when there’s not enough of it, injuries will heal slower.

Dry skin

The skin may be dry, the elasticity will reduce, and you’ll have deeper wrinkles since a healthy blood flow is pivotal for a healthy and glowing skin.

Brittle nails & hair

Since there’s lack of nutrient distribution, the hair and nails may weaken and become brittle.

This can manifest through nails that chip easy or hair that breaks and falls out often in case it has to do with poor blood flow.

Digestive issues

Poor blood flow may impede the body’s capacity to absorb the nutrients from food-they’ll just pass through it without proper digestion.

Consequently, you’ll experience looser stool, nausea, and other digestive problems.

Varicose veins

Poor blood flow makes the veins under the skin’s surface to swell, twist, and become more visible.

This is known as varicose veins and they don’t just look bad, they also cause pain and itchiness.

Cold hands and feet

With a poor blood flow, your extremities will suffer first-you’ll constantly feel that your hands, feet, nose, and ears are cold due to the lower blood flow.

Weaker immunity

The blood flow is essential for a healthy immunity; so, if it’s not working optimally, the nutrients the body needs to fight off infections and inflammations may not be adequately and timely delivered.

Discolored skin

In case of insufficient blood flow, the hands and feet may become discolored-they will look bluish or purplish.


If you feel dizzy while standing up, sitting down or laying down, the blood isn’t getting to the brain fast enough. This may be potentially a result of poor blood flow.

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