5 Smart Ways to Detox Your Home & Lower Your Risk of Illness

Our homes are full of toxins and chemicals that aren’t visible to the naked eye. So, if you want to lower your exposure to toxins, it’s pivotal to do a proper detox.

With little work, you’ll benefit in numerous ways, especially when it comes to your health-maybe a lot of health problems you’re dealing with will disappear and the surplus production of mucus will cease.

Below, check out the most useful 5 methods to cleanse your home.

5 Ways to Clean Your Home Efficiently

Better the air quality

Indoor air is around 2 to 5 times more polluted than the one outdoors.

Carpets are one of the major pollution sources- they trap dirt, lead, and dust mites.

So, if you have carpets, it can be beneficial to invest in a HEPA filter vacuum-it will collect the most particles and allergens.

Air filters can also be effective and they capture the smallest of particles and you’ll get fresh, and healthy air that’s as pure as it gets.

Of course, last but not least- place air-purifying plants in different parts of your home; these plants absorb volatile organic compounds circling in the air and filter it out.

Stay away from paraffin candles

Even though you may think at first that there’s nothing wrong with scented candles, they contribute to indoor air pollution and worsen its quality.

Some candles actually release several dangerous chemicals like toluene and benzene-they mess with the nervous system and can lead to brain and lung damage, as well as problem in development in children.

Avoid them and use essential oil diffuser instead or opt for beeswax candles that release a natural amazing aroma.

Have a clean water source

Having clean water in your household is crucial if you want a clean home. Unfortunately, tap water has more than 300 chemicals and pollutants- some of them include herbicides, lead, mercury, pesticides, fluoride, mercury, etc.

A water filtration system may therefore be a smart investment- they’re portable and make a beautiful addition to every kitchen.

They remove pathogenic bacteria and viruses, as well as other dangerous substances like heavy metals, arsenic, sediment, etc.

Use toxin-free cleaning products

Unfortunately, the conventional cleaning products we use contain toxic stuff like phthalates- endocrine disruptors that penetrate into our body through inhalation.

They are also full of fragrance that leads you to think that it smells clean and nice, but it’s actually a chemical-laden smell.

These chemicals irritate your lungs, increase your chances of cancer, and damage the liver.

Opt for non-toxic stuff to clean your bathroom, kitchen, and dining room like essential oils, lemon, baking soda, and vinegar.

Don’t wear shoes inside

A lot of people go into their house with their shoes on; unfortunately, this habit only adds to the presence of toxins in your home.

Take them off before going in and lower 60 percent of the bad contaminants.

And, when you have guests over, make sure they also leave their shoes outside.

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