A Man Who Grew Up without a Father Is Now Making Videos to Help Other Children

Rob Kenney is a father of two adult children and one of the most heartwarming YouTubers out there.

He’s doing videos with a touching purpose- as a person whose father left his family when he was only a child, he wanted to use his channel titled Dad, How Do I? to help young people learn basic tasks in the household that he also had to learn on his own.

The simple tutorials have caught the attention of more than 2.1 million people and the channel already has 1.3 million subscribers.

A Caring & Loving Dad Who Wants to Help All Children

The handyman whose bio on Instagram says ‘Practical Dadvice for Everyday Tasks’ helps with chores like fixing sink clogs and running toilets.

He also helps you learn how to check the oil of a car, change a tire, iron a shirt, and shave.

His first video on the channel which is about tying a tie has been viewed more than 240,000 times!

Inspired by His Challenging Childhood

Kenney’s motivation to do this comes from a dark period in his childhood. As one of 8 children living in Bellevue, Washington, he was living in a family that was dysfunctional and fractured by a divorce.

Even though their father got the custody initially, he didn’t really want them. For Kenney, his dad was already done with them by that time.

Kenney is now using all of his knowledge and sharing it with the world in hopes of creating a safer and better place, or at least one that’s easier to manage through.

The videos he shares can really be of aid for a lot of people who’re on their own. Kenney is aware that pain is real in our world and maybe he can help relieve some of it.

Grateful That He Can Help

His idea seems to be fruiting results- hundreds of comments are gracing his posts from fans who found them useful.

One of them wrote that he’s watching this cause he’s 24 and his father promised to hang a shelf in his bedroom, but it’s been 12 years since he gave the promise.

Another one is happy for Kenney as his father passed away when he was only 7 and he never got the time to teach him any of this.

Kenney is regularly thanking his viewers and says they’re amazing. He says he will continue to empower his viewers-even though many have called him the ‘perfect dad’ he says that he’s just ‘an internet dad’.

He also noted in one occasion that he doesn’t always do everything ideally with his two children. Failing is part of the human experience, so it’s pivotal to ask for forgiveness and never pretend you’re a know-it-all.

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