Easy & Effective: How to Make Your Own Tick Deterrent

Ticks can definitely suck all of the fun out of an enjoyable morning walk by the creek or beach. In addition to being quite annoying, ticks are also transmitters of serious diseases such as the Rocky Mountain spotted fever or Lyme disease.

The question that ensues is of course, is there an efficient, chemical-free way to get rid of them and protect ourselves?

Store-bought sprays shouldn’t be your first go-to against ticks– this is because they often contain DEET that has been linked in studies with serious side effects.

But, don’t worry about this- there are beneficial ways to make your own tick repellent at home using nothing but natural ingredients.

Essential oils are especially considered helpful for these insects; so they’re a must for these repellents.

Come on, let’s check out the recipe together – it’s simple and you needn’t spend a small fortune!

DIY Tick Deterrent for Clothes & Shoes

You’ll need:

30 drops of geranium essential oil

30 drops of Virginia cedarwood essential oil

10 drops of garlic essential oil

An ounce of grain alcohol

3 oz. of distilled water

A 4-ounce spray bottle


Fill the bottle with an ounce of alcohol. Add the essential oils and close it well and then shake it well to mix the ingredients. Add the remaining distilled water and shake well.


Spray it on your clothes and shoes before heading out.

Keep the bottle in a cool and dark area, away from sunlight.

Important to Note:

This is a recipe for clothing and shoes only! It’s not intended for use on skin as it can irritate it. Also, avoid using it on children younger than 2.