Is this the Scariest Bird in the World? The Shoebill Stork Is 5 Ft Tall & Hunts like a Pro

Shoebill is definitely the scariest-looking bird in the world- it lives in the swamps in the east of Africa and is a predator of big fish like eels and lungfish, as well as of Nile lizards, baby crocodiles, and snakes.

Yes, you’ve read correctly- these birds can eat crocodiles!

And, they’re really considered a professional when it comes to their hunting skills. The bird is able to stand for some time without any motion as a statue to ping his prey.

It pounces forward and opens up its massive bill and engulfs the prey.

Shoebill Stork- the Pro Bird at Hunting

When it begins to clamp down on the prey, it also swings its head back and forth and throws away anything it doesn’t like. This isn’t always a pleasant view!

Even though this bird sounds and looks quite terrifying, we cannot remain unimpressed by these giants- they’ve been beloved species for a long period of time and have even appeared in the art of ancient Egyptians.

The Arabs called them Abu-Markhub or father of a slipper.

Other than its gigantic look similar to footwear and the ability to decapitate crocodiles, the bird also makes machine gun-like noises.

Although it’s mostly silent, when it greets another bird or is clattering around its nest, the sounds is produces are quite scary.

However, despite their terrifying look, they’re important part of the eco system- otherwise, young crocodiles and monitor lizards would be everywhere and it will be too much.