The Most Beautiful Horse in the World Looks like He’s Made of Gold

Horses are amazing creatures-wild, majestic, and beautiful. And, the horse we’re going to talk about today is definitely one of the most wonderful you’ve ever seen.

The horse is from Turkey and it’s known as one of the most magnificent horses ever. Known as Akhal-Teke, it’s a breed that’s a direct descendant of the extinct Turkoman horse which lived in the ancient times.

It’s believed that there are only 3,500 such horses in the world. Akhal-Teke is special because he looks like he’s been dipped in gold and he’s so silky.

Akhal-Teke, the Most Beautiful Horse in the World?

Akhal-Teke has a stunning coat which gleams when the sun touches it. It’s a pure breed and it stands between 58 and 64 inches.

In China, it’s called the ‘horse from heaven’. Without doubt, the horse really looks like it came right out of heaven.

Why is this horse so silky in its fur?-The reason for the shiny shimmer is in the fur’s structure that’s designed to act like a light intensifier that throws back the light from the rays.

The Akhal-Teke is believed to be born with this ‘golden’ fur to use it for camouflage purposes in the desert.

The breed originates from Achal, Turkmenistan and may have been here for more than 3000 years-it’s therefore considered to be one of the oldest breeds in the world and among the first to have been domesticated.

Oldest Known Breed, but also a Pure Breed

It’s only recently that crossbreeding between this horse and others has been happening and the result is a horse with the diluted characteristics.

Some of the crossbreds weren’t as potent as the purebred and they would often die in the hard conditions in Central Asia.

A National Symbol of Turkmenistan

These horses are considered a national symbol to Turkmenistan in Central Asia. This is the reason why the animal is so popular there and you can see photos of the horse throughout.

They also have it on their banknotes, postage stamps, and even their coat of arms.

Turkmenistan citizens often decorate them with precious jewels and draping to emphasize their beauty even more.

The horse is bred for their exquisite speed, agility, and stamina. They use them to transport things or for raids. They’re also used for dressage, racing, and riding.

Interestingly, this horse is also known for its extreme loyalty to its owners.





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