A Dog Abandoned on the Highway Gets into a Police Car Looking for Help

In late June, highway patrol officers in Brazil were finishing up a routine traffic operation when they got a surprise call to help with a pressing issue.

When they got back to the car, they were greeted by a sweet puppy that was in the car. The dog was so happy to see them.

Since that roadway is quite remote, the officers knew that probably the dog was abandoned.

Thankfully, he knew in which car to go in and look for help. They cuddled him right away and the cute noises he released make you wonder how people can abandon them.

The Officers Take Him Back to the Station

The officers gave the dog a lift back to their local station and this is where things started improving for the pup.

Namely, another officer fell in love with the dog and this colleague decided to adopt the puppy. Soon, he became a full-pledged member of his family.

The officials were amazed that their colleague will adopt him and make his children happy. They named him Rex.

Even though it can never be discovered who really abandoned the sweet dog, Rex found the best people to help and now he has the best family to take care of him like he deserves.

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out the heartwarming video of the moment when the police officers saw the pup on the driver’s seat asking for help:




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